Ninety one (and a half) out of 92

Ninety one (and a half) out of 92

It's that time of the year when the outdoor shows (and sleeping in my van) are coming to an end and it's time to start the Christmas shows! It is also that time of year when I get a few days free to photograph some stadiums. Before my latest road trip I had photographed 88 of the 92 league stadiums, my plan was to capture the last four!

My first trip was to league new boys Forest Green Rovers and their eco friendly stadium 'The New Lawn' With a vegan menu, and many eco initiatives it made it a fascinating visit ... will write a separate blog post about the stadium and the club.

Next it was onto Coventry city, another stadium that deserves its own blog post, I'm sure City fans have much more to say about this stadium than me though! Photographed the outside but unfortunately my appointment to photograph the inside was cancelled at the last minute it was onto Stadium MK. Not the best loved club! But a superb stadium (esp.for league 1) with helpful staff made it an enjoyable visit.

It was then onto Crawley Town, again another club with helpful staff, Although 'The Stadium' has to be one of the worse names! Naming rights are all part off modern football and it must be hard for a Chairman to refuse espicially if the money helps the club survive.

So that's ninety one and a half stadiums photographed out of 92! I'm already making arrangements to visit Coventry to photograph the inside close!!